Recipe Development

To have product produced on a commercial scale, you need a Batch Process Recipe. A great recipe produced in a home kitchen needs work before it can be produced in a 400kg commercial kettle.
To assist individuals who may have been producing product on a smaller scale who now want to grow their business, we recommend you work with an experienced recipe developer who will work with you to create a shelf-stable recipe that can be produced in our facility. A recipe developer can provide invaluable feedback on your recipe and can also recommend ways to reduce the production cost of your recipe by suggesting alternate ingredients which will provide the same result but will be much more cost effective.
For a fee, we can review your recipe to provide the following:
  • A review of your existing recipe and discussion with you about the recipe details, including raw material sourcing;
  • Commercial ingredient sourcing, to ensure the lowest input costs possible;
  • Assist with recipe formulation, based on weight, to ensure batch to batch consistency;
  • Ingredient Statement in both English and French;
  • Provision of a Canadian Nutritional Facts Panel;
Once your recipe is set we may recommend running a Test Batch that will produce between 10 to 20 cases (depending on your container and the size of the batch produced). This Test Batch will ensure you've nailed the recipe and you are happy with the outcome. Full production can then be scheduled. 
Customers must commit to producing both the Test Batch and a full production run, which produces a 400kg batch. In early 2016 we will also be bringing our new 600kg kettle online, which increases potential batch sizes for those with already established products who need a longer production run.
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