Co-Packaging Services

Taste Culinary Solutions Inc. can be your production partner. We already produce a range of our own products, enabling us to provide not just a production facility, but a value-added solution. 

We specialize in:

  • The production of acidified, shelf-stable food products;
  • Sauces, including BBQ sauces, dessert sauces, syrups, dressings or marinades, ethnic sauces, pasta sauces, hot sauces;
  • Chunky condiments and sauces, including salsas, tapenades, spreads, chutneys, relishes; [We don't have any experience producing jams or jellies and are unable to consider these co-packing projects.]
  • Sourcing the raw materials and other components required to product your product 

We can fill:

  • Retail-sized glass jars 
  • Plastic containers for food service, including jugs and pails, up to 5 gallons

We can prep raw materials for you:

  • Vegetable chopping or slicing;
  • Spice toasting, blending and grinding;
  • Chopping 
  • Puree

The Process:

  1. Product evaluation - together we will discuss and evaluate your product for compatibility with our equipment and expertise, including signing a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement;
  2. We can also provide advice on the recipe formulation, our production methodology, warehousing and distribution;
  3. You will provide us with product samples - we will test them for pH and confirm the pH levels. Our expertise is with acidified products, which have a pH of less than 4.6. If your samples are greater than 4.6 we will discuss options for your products.
  4. We will refer you to label design and printing experts, container and ingredient suppliers, distributors and other support services you may require;
  5. Price quote - we will provide a general indication of the costs involved to secure raw materials, produce and label your product;
  6. Plant Tour - we'll invite you to tour our facility to determine if we're a good match; 
  7. Test Batch - We will produce, at your cost, a small test batch per product. This test batch enables us to understand the entire production process and to provide a quotation for a full-scale batch;
  8. The Final Product - After the test batch has been approved, we are ready to schedule and produce the final product. 
  9. Subsequent production runs - a minimum run is one, 375kg batch;
  10. Lead time for scheduling production - To ensure we can accommodate your production needs, please provide at least 3 weeks notice of your production requirements.

How much will it cost?

There are many variables that determine the cost of producing your products. After we've discussed the product, your requirements and determined the range of services you'd like us to provide we can provide a clear, written quotation. We have a minimum daily charge for co-packing, regardless of production yield. Additional costs may apply, depending on the specific requirements of your production.

The Benefits of using a co-packer:

  • Reduces your capital requirements;
  • Mitigates risk through a contractual partnership;
  • Enables owners & managers to focus on product development and marketing;
  • We operate as an extension of your organization, helping with product development, right through to production, enabling you to launch new products or expand your product lines with minimal upfront capital requirements.
We will take the same care with your products as we do with our own products. Our goal is to provide a high-quality, great-tasting product that will appeal to your customers and increase your profitability. 

Private Label Services

Our recipe - your label. That's the essence of private label.
It's a fast, less expensive & easy way to market.

Private label is the fastest and easiest way to bring a product to market with your own name on the label. A private label program allows a retailer, restaurant, hotel or winery to feature products packaged with their own label and brand without the heavy start-up costs and time incurred when you bring a new product to market. 

Why private label?

A. Increase your sales:
  1. Reinforces your brand or name - Your logo and name go home with every product purchased. Each time the product is viewed and used, your brand is reinforced. 
  2. Exclusivity - when your store or stores are the only places where your product can be purchased, if the consumer loves your product, they'll be back. Next time they're likely to both repurchase and also buy other products you offer.
B. Increase your profits:
  1. Your start-up costs are going to be much lower - the packaging has been chosen; the label format developed; and the product is already on the market (under another name), so most of your market research has already been done;
  2. Smaller minimums - if the product is identical to another already being produced, you can purchase a portion of the production run, not all of it, lowering inventory costs
We have the ability to provide private label products for small stores to pallet quantities for larger stores.
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