Our Facility

Our purpose-built food manufacturing facility provides co-packing and private label production services to those who have a great recipe they're now ready to bring out of their home kitchen and produce commercially. We can also accommodate those who have market-tested products and now need a co-packer able to produce regular, large product runs.
We specialize in producing acidified canned foods.

Our Equipment

  • 100 gallon steam kettle (maximum batch size is 400kg)
  • We will be adding a 600kg kettle in early 2016 to increase our production capacity
  • 2-nozzle automated filling line, equipped with nozzles that can fill sauces and products with larger particulates
  • Label machine - round jars only; all other products must be hand labelled

Your Container

We can fill retail glass jars, food service plastic jugs and pails.

Quality Control

The Plant follows Good Manufacturing Practises; we are working on all the operating procedures to become HACCP certified. Each product produced is checked with our pH equipment to ensure its been correctly acidified;


We operate on a just-in-time system, asking our clients to deliver their raw materials at least three days prior to their scheduled production date; finished products, once labelled need to be picked up within 48 hours after product labelling has been completed.

Food Safety

All staff are required to take the Food Safe 1 course; senior staff must also take the Food Safe 2 Course and have also taken the Small Scale Food Processor Association of British Columbia

Getting Started

If you're thinking about:
  • Introducing a brand new food product
  • Adding one or more products to an existing product line
  • Looking for a new, Vancouver-based co-packer
We can work with you to create innovative recipes that sell. You need to think about texture, colour, consistency, shelf life, profitability, and, most important, a consumer-pleasing taste. We are passionate about great tasting food.
We know what it takes to bring new products to market, because we've done so with our Jules + Kent, Umi's Kitchen and Caveman BBQ Sauce product lines. We started our Jules + Kent product line from scratch in 2008.
Call us. We'd like to meet and discuss your product formulations, your product needs, and our capabilities.
We have developed our own food brands, starting from the ground up. We know what it takes to bring a product to market - and we can help you get there faster and economically. Once you have a recipe, there's a lot to think about, including:
  • Label design
  • Nutritional fact data
  • Securing a UPC (Universal Product Code)
  • Packaging options
  • Food regulations

Payment Terms

50% deposit for sourcing materials; balance due on completion, prior to product release for pick-up or shipping from our warehouse.
Please note we are unable to store finished product. Product must be picked up from our warehouse within 48 hours of a completed production run.

Just-in-time production

To ensure you have the freshest product possible, we offer just-in-time production. We'll help you schedule production runs so you have product when you need it.
Taste Culinary Solutions Inc. 292 East 1st Ave. Vancouver, BC V5T 1A6 Tel: 604-736-2510 E-mail: allyson@madaboutfood.net

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